Introduction to Sous Vide
-- Learn the basics

SOUS-VIDE 101: Sous-Vide Fundamentals

The first in the Kendall/CREA Sous-Vide Professional Education Series, this course introduces the culinary professional to the sous-vide process. From the historical evolution of the process and the HACCP critical control points unique to sous-vide, to the modern day application in a foodservice establishment, the Sous-Vide 101 course is a robust, multimedia-rich look into this revolutionary technique. After taking the Sous-Vide 101 course, professionals will be able to:

  • Examine the history of sous vide
  • Distinguish between traditional and sous-vide methods of cooking
  • Identify the steps to safely cook in sous-vide method
  • Select proper equipment for sous-vide method of cooking
  • Identify the FDA-required HACCP procedures used with sous-vide method of cooking

Professionals will have 90 days to complete this self-paced, fully online course. Through Kendall's online learning interface, professionals will have access to Kendall chef-instructors and members of the CREA team, including Bruno Goussault, via the built-in bulletin board, to respond to questions pertaining to the course. Each module ends with a recap quiz, and at the end of the course, professionals will take two exams; one specific to the sous-vide HACCP, the other for the fundamentals of sous-vide course completion certificate.

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SOUS-VIDE 101: Sous-Vide Fundamentals

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