Sous-vide - Creating Perfect Results, Every Time

Sous vide – French for "under vacuum" – is a cooking technique in which food is vacuum-sealed in a specially designed pouch and slow cooked in water at precision temperatures until it's perfectly cooked through. The sous-vide method produces consistently excellent texture and flavor, maintaining the nutritional integrity and safety of the food.

The sous-vide method, which traces to the late-18th century, was rediscovered by American and French engineers in the mid-1960s as an industrial food- preservation method. In 1971 Dr. Bruno Goussault, who would become chief scientist at Cuisine Solutions, improved the sous-vide process to achieve ideal tenderness, savory flavor and mouth feel of roast beef.

Cuisine Solutions pioneered the science of sous vide, one of the most important innovations in modern cuisine. Their distinguished culinary team was among the first in the world to recognize the power of the sous-vide method and its ability to precisely prepare food with more tenderness and flavor than can be obtained through traditional cooking techniques.

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